Helpful Contacts

KY Green have gathered these helpful links to other websites that you may need when planning a funeral or seeking further advice and help.

National Association of Funeral Directors

Founded in 1905, this organisation was set up to represent the interests of both the bereaved and the Funeral Directors throughout the country. They continue to monitor the standards of both the facilities and the services provided by their members through their Code of Practice.
National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)

The Funeral Arbitration Scheme

This scheme is available for the security and benefit of customers of NAFD members. In the event of problems with the provision of the funeral service by a member, customers have access to this affordable arbitration scheme, which offers unbiased resolution of any complaint.

The Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register was launched as a service to the general public and is specifically designed to remove someone who has died from databases and mailing lists.


This is a useful UK government website for people in the United Kingdom, providing a single point of access to public sector information and services. It covers a wide range of information around what to do when someone dies, and dealing with other key areas of end of life planning.

Cruse Bereavement Care

Confidential help for those who have been bereaved.
Cruse Bereavement Care