Cremated Remains Range

The majority of families still adopt a traditional approach when thinking about what to do with cremated remains, either in a Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium, burial or scattering in a cemetery, a favourite spot, at sea or taking them home.

When you are thinking about the choice of coffin, you may also want to look at our range of matching cremated remains urns and caskets, especially if you intend to keep this at home for a while, or have them interred in a grave or crematoria.

Your funeral arranger will be able to provide you with an alternative container to the ‘polytainer’ provided by the crematoria, which many families feel to be more respectful and appropriate for their needs. If you want to provide your own container, ask your funeral arranger to check that it is suitable and large enough to hold all the remains; usually considered to be 200 cubic inches (3,280cm cubed).

However, there are now many imaginative ways available to you including having the remains:

  • incorporated into one or more pieces of jewellery
  • released into the atmosphere in a biodegradable balloon
  • mixing the remains with concrete to form artificial reef modules and placed on reefs requiring help
  • making a bronze and glass memorial urn that doubles as a time capsule
  • incorporating them into memorial fireworks

Whatever the request, no matter how innovative it may seem to the funeral director, KY Green will always try to help and support you in getting the product or experience that you want.

Please remember, however, that cremated remains should always be reverently handled, in accordance with the law.

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